Essay on If I were the Principal of my School for kids

The Principal is the administrative head of an Institution. It is he who runs the school. Everything is done under his orders. The teachers carry out his orders. The students, too, obey him. They bring their difficulties to him.

Ours is a progressive school. It is equipped with modern apparatus. The principal is also a thorough gentleman and a good administrator. He has brought the school from humble beginnings to the present position. The staff consists of eighty-six trained and well-qualified teachers. The annual expenses run into several lakhs of rupees. It is a good school in all activities — in studies as well as in games. In spite of all this, it needs some improvements. If I were the Principal of my school, I would effect certain changes to make it an ideal one.

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First of all, I would entrust the routine matters such as granting of leave to students and fixing of the duties of the teachers in the substitute time-table to the senior most teacher and devote myself to other urgent matters. The P.T.I, would be incharge of maintainning discipline in the school. He would see that the classes are not without teachers.


As Principal, I would make the students take more active part in the working of the school. I would see that they form themselves into groups and then help the teachers in the task of correction work, revision of lessons, class tests, etc. This will develop in them the spirit of self-help and fill their hearts with a sense of their own importance. I would also encourage them to participate in debates, declamation contests and the like so that they have the chance to develop their talents in the fullest measure.

Next my attention would be drawn to games and sports. Usually games have become the privilege of a few. All pay sports fee but only a few benefit. Sports material is issued only to the first eleven. This is most unjust. I would see that all students have the chance to play. For this purpose I would make the students form themselves into teams. The material would be issued to them and they would arrange to play at a place convenient to them. I would see that the games fund is spent on games and not on other heads.

Next I would get the library overhauled. The books would be renumbered and all useless books would be written off. The books would be issued regularly. Students would be encouraged to make full use of the library books. In order to improve the working of the library still further. I would see that the students do get into the habit of doing extra studies.

Lastly, I would seek the help of the science teachers to see that the laboratories under their charge are well equipped. It is something very essential that the students do their practical’s. If the laboratories are not well equipped, the students will not be able to do well in the examination. I am sure that all these improvements would improve the working of the school.

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