Essay on If the Water Supply Fails

Water is the nectar of life. It is one thing we cannot do without. It sustains life. Man, animal and birds cannot live without it. Plants, too need water to grow.

Dunya News - KP govt fails to supply clean water to population ...

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Drinking water, however, must be of certain purity or else it causes diseases like dysentery or diarrhoea. It is because of this that the people in the countryside suffer greatly. The well water in the village sometimes gets infected and causes diseases. It is because of this that most of the towns have got their water-works. The water from the wells or rivers is collected in big reservoirs, cleaned and then distributed through water pipes. There are very few wells in modem cities and the whole population—including the poorer classes, depend on water supplied by the municipal committees through their water-works.

What will happen if perchance this water supply fails? One begins to shudder even at the very thought of it. If the water supply fails, people cannot have their daily bath The little water which is in the house suffices only for washing the hands and face. The problem is of getting water for drinking. People look for a well nearby. Sometimes, they have to go far with a pitcher to get water.


If the water supply fails, people will rush to the wells. There will be a long queue of people with all sorts of utensils. Some will have pitchers and some will have buckets. Everyone will be eager to get water first. There will be quarrels. Some youngsters will take advantage of this. They will try to get water out of turn by pushing and jostling. People will grumble. Every one will have something to say. Some will say that the whole municipal administration is rotten while others will whisper that the government has cut off the water supply knowingly owing to party politics. Very few sensible people will say that the breakdown in the water supply is due to the failure of the electricity. Whatever the reason of the failure of the water supply, it is clear how essential water is. People heave a sigh of relief when the water supply is restored. What a great blessing water is !

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