Essay on Indian International Trade Fair

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Modern age is an age of specialisation and therefore every nation holds fairs and industrial exhibitions in order to place before the world its particular products. The Trade Fair Authority of India too arranges year after year industrial exhibitions under the Ministry of Commerce. The venue of these exhibitions is the Pragati Maidan situated at Lal Bahadur Shastri Marg.

A big trade fair was held in Delhi in November last Vear. It was on a very grand scale. Some of the big industrialised nations had set up their stalls and business work crores of rupees was transacted.


The trade fair was not limited to India alone. Russia, Federal Republic of Germany, China and Japan also participated and brought forth the things, particularly the machinery they specialized in producing. Several public sector undertakings and some important private concerns displayed their goods.

I visited the trade fair with my friends and spent a couple of hours going round the stalls. I was particularly impressed by the Cottage Industry stall of Delhi. I was astonished to see the numerous products and the progress Delhi had made in cottage and small scale industries.

We were soon tired and had some refreshment in the refreshment stall situated in a park. We returned home late at night and thought about the progress the country had made and was making.

The fairs of this nature are of great use. They reduce trade gap and encourage Indian industries. They are a source of earning valuable foreign exchange on account of the transactions that are carried on there.


They help in raising the prestige of the country. Another great advantage of such fairs is that they bring together the people of the world and promote friendship and common outlook on life particularly in the business world.

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