Essay on Indian Space Mission

The whole word is striding limitlessly in its scientific progress. Their leaders of this progress are the United States of America and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic. In the beginning Russia sent spacecrafts without any living creature. Later on dogs were used for manning the spacecrafts. American continued its “Appllo Chain” and finally Appllo II, carrying three ingenious astronauts, named Neil Armstrong, Micheal Collins and Adwin Aldrin. In July 1969 the Appllo-II landed on the lifeless surface of moon covered with the soil of Coca color. Soviet Russia also continued in her efforts. They supplied the people of the other countries with the valuable knowledge about the space. The series of spacecrafts sent by the Russia was named as “SOYUZ”.

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They only explored the moon and its surface, but also gathered indispens­able knowledge about another planet Mars. After getting independence India also started its advancement to pace up the fast developing scientific knowl­edge and rapid growth of the nuclear science. Atomic Research Centre were established to conduct the research and explore the possibility of launching a satellite. Scientists worked day and night and within the passage of time they acquired the fifth place in this branch of scientific knowledge.

India prepared its first satellite with the collaboration of Soviet scientists, though the crucial role was of the Indian scientists. India’s first satellite “Arya Bhatta” was named after the great Indian mathematician and astronomer Arya Bhatta of the ancient India. It was launched in 1976 and was prepared at the Sarabhai Research Centre. Crucial forecasting about the floods, earth tremors etc. were recommended to the great value of the people of India. Such information helped India in saving many devasting losses. Arya Bhatta was successful and the Indian scientist drew tremendous aspiration from its success. They prepared Bhaskara another satellite named after a great astronomer of ancient India.


In December, 1969 the third satellite was prepared and it was named Rohini. This satellite is named after a planet Rohini whose activities affect the earth to noticeable extent. One mythology depicts Rohini as the beloved wife of the god Chandrama (The Moon). Rohini—the planet orbits round the moon. One more significance is attached to Rohini that it is deeply interlinked with the earth. These arguments are put forward in favor of naming the satellite as Rohini.

No doubt, Rohini was India’s new venture, but it was not the last. It was the beginning of exploration of new space objects. Rohini also had been launched from the launching station built at Sriharikota in the southern part of India. Rohini has been successfully orbiting round the earth since it was launched. It has been supplying with the valuable information about the occurrences of floods, famine, earth tremors etc. It was the greatest achieve­ment of the Indian scientists. It showed the forbearance of the Indian scientists team. Rohini was prepared in the tremendous speed because of the reason that the ‘earlier satellite was not functioning well and to avoid its collapse Rohini was sent in to air. In Rohini India’s great hope and the scientists look at it as their symbol of hand work and prestige.

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