Essay on life without friends

Man is a social animal. This phrase sounds too clichéd. But try to look a little deeper and you’ll find a world of interesting aspects. This is because; it is one thing to live. The day you entered this world, you started to live, and live you will, till the day you breathe. It is yet another thing to lead a life, it involves interaction with other individuals, adapting and evolving.

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It is, however, a completely different thing to lead a lead a meaningful life. For it involves a complicated interaction with other people to elicit a useful relationship from others for yourself and vice versa. In this context friendship is a primary form of relationship.

Just imagine… there are a few billion people on terra firma. And most of us know at least a thousand people. But it is indeed amazing that of all these people, a few we understand, who make a difference in our lives.


Each person leads his own thread of life. It is as through God, in his inimitable fashion, decided to delicately intertwine a dew of these threads, to create a beautiful fabric of life, of friendship. Each thread is different color, different texture, but the fabric is so seamless, so harmonious.

A million incidents. Seemingly insignificant, yet priceless to you, and the friend, who shared it with you, who were there when it happened? The first few apprehensive steps, haltingly spoken words, lead to more substantial words shared, and cherished, stored in the deep recesses of your hearts. The day you learnt to cycle, the mischief you committed in school, and got caught, and were taken to \task… something you achieved, and were very happy, and your friend was happy for the sheer fact that you were happy!!!

Friendship like wine gets better with age. But there is this important need for nourishing it, fostering it in the initial stages when it is in the nascent state, when misunderstandings abound. There is nothing like stooping in self esteem to placate a friend who has been hurt. It is always worth it. Even when the bonding is strong enough to endure serious quarrels also, there is no scope for complacency.

There is this beautiful thing about good friendship. That is, understanding. Friends need not keep talking to each other every few minutes. There is an implicit understanding of care implied, an implicit understanding that you are missed, and an implicit understanding that not keeping in touch does not mean that one is forgotten. Friendship has to be shared, for it to become stronger. Pure platonic friendship is such a tenacious bond between people. There is no romance involved, still the affection and love for a friend is implied and understood. It would be pertinent to mention at this stage. “Blessed is the man who hath a true friend he can trust”.

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