Essay on marriage scene of my elder brother

An essay on marriage ceremony of my elder brother.

My elder brother’s arranged marriage ceremony was performed during the last summer vacation. We enjoyed the festival very much. On the day of the marriage, we finished our meals as early as possible. Then we started for the bride’s house. A band party was engaged. They began to play the band. The women shouted ulu, ulu. Then my brother got into a palanquin. We went up to our local market on foot. The market stands on the bank of the river Ganga. Two big boats were kept ready for us. We were about forty in number. We all got into the boats at noon. Then we left the market ghat. The wind was in our favor. The boatmen set the sail. The boats were now moving towards the west. Some of us began to play at cards. Others were chatting. The old men in the party were smoking.

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The children were playing ludo. Thus all were passing their time very merrily. After an hour we reached a big market place on the Ganga. It is a big centre of trade. It is important steamer station also. Here we got down. Some of us went to the market. Sweets and mangoes were bought there. Then we all returned to the boats. The mangoes and the sweets were served to all of us by my eldest brother. When we finished eating, the boatmen began rowing. This time we entered a big canal. The sun was now in the western sky. Many of us sat on the roof of the boat. A friend of my elder brother could sing well. He began to sing. We were pleased to hear his songs. We were charmed to see the beautiful scenery of the villages at the time of sunset.


Towards evening we reached the house of the bride. The father of the bride and his relatives received us warmly. The bride’s house was beautifully decorated. We were all taken to a big hall. Many men, women and children came to see the bridegroom. Tea and sweets were served to all of us. The marriage function was to begin at 9 p.m. So the time was drawing near. We were all ready. At 9 p.m. the bridegroom was taken to the courtyard of the house. It was crowded with people. The women were richly dressed. The female rites were duly performed there. The bridegroom and the bride sat in the centre of the courtyard facing each other. The actual marriage ceremony was then performed. The bridegroom and the bride were then taken to an inside room. It is called the basarghar. They were to spend the night there.

Now came the time of our feast. Arrangements were soon made for that. This feasting is an important part of our marriage ceremony. We had a grand feast. The bride’s men were all attention to us. We were all pleased at the polite behaviour of the bride’s relatives. After the feasting was over, we went to bed. Next day, at noon, we left for home with the bride. Thus ended the happy ceremony in the midst of great joy.

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