Essay on medical transcription

Medical Transcription is the process of transcribing medical records from a recording into electronically formatted patient records. The medical transcriptionist listens to the recorded data and processes it in a word processor following editorial policy guidelines. After processing, the medical records are then transmitted back to the doctors thus making it a permanent medical documentation.

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As medical transcript one has to listen carefully, understand and transcribe medical reports of a patient’s medical report and history. He should have good typing speed with a high level of accuracy, be comfortable in recognizing medical and pharmaceutical terminology and pharmaceutical terminology and North American English usage and following the American accent that is the starting point of medical transcription.

There is very low tolerance of errors so it cannot be considered a low skilled work area. Medical transcription centers are the work place and although the teleworking mode operates, it would be difficult to deliver this kind of work from home for reasons of security and sensitivity. The work is monotonous to a certain degree but once one has acquired expertise, more output means more money. Productivity and quality levels are benchmarks of success.


Medical Transcription is right for those who are self-motivated, responsible and reliable; effective at controlling distractions; cable to work independently with little supervision, but know when to ask and to communicate.

The structured training includes teaching of medical terminology types of medicines used, biological sciences including anatomy and physiology of all body systems, various diseases, etc.; medical and surgical procedures including instruments, supplies and equipment, use of medical reference material and research techniques, practicing listening and familiarsing with the American accent and turn of phrase with real-time projects, on-line training and state-of-the-art infrastructure.

There are many companies in India which have set up or are waiting to set up Medical Transcription centers. An entrepreneur wishing to start a Medical Transcription company would need to have extensive contacts in the USA to make the project liable since most of the current work is from the USA.

Prospects for employment are presently very good and industry watchers predict a growth of employment of almost seven times in next 7-8 years. There is a move to hold Medical Transcription Certification Examination in India.


Currently, Indian medical transcriptionists being comparatively cheaper than their US counterparts are being used extensively, leading to the emergence of Medical Transcription as a huge business opportunity. So it is that technology, so often perceived as a malevolent destroyer of jobs, has become a benevolent creator of jobs for highly talented, unemployed educated people across India.

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