Essay on modern means of Transport

Man is a social being. It is difficult for him to live in isolation. He likes to meet his friends and relations living in the remote pan of the country. It is through transport that he can meet them In this respect transport is the greatest essential of his life.

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There was a time when bullock-carts, horse driven carnages and boats were only means of transport. But these means of tran

sport are now rarely used or have been practically discarded in the modern times owing to the inventions of science.


With the advance of science better, quicker means of transport have been made to travel on road, water and air. The whole length and breadth of the country is connected with a net work of railways and journey from one place to other has became very easy. Goods trains carry thousands of tons of food grain from one part of the country to the other particularly when there is scarcity in any part.

Then there are motor cars, buses and trucks. The roads are good and a person can go from one place to other at a great speed. There are hundreds of transport companies which carry not only people but tons of goods from north to south or east to west. All states in the country have their bus services and thousands of people make use of them.

Steam boats have taken the place of boats and they ply in all the main rivers. A modern steamship is like a big town fitted with all the amenities of life and moving in the sea with great speed. Aeroplane is the quickest means of transport. A modern jet plane carries hundreds of persons at a speed of five hundred miles an hour or more/What a tremendous change!

All these improved means of transport have given & fillip to travelling and there is not a place—bus stations, railway stations, airports—which is not overcrowded with people. We find millions of people going from one place to another either on business or on pleasure trips.


The modern means of transport are thus responsible for quick travelling. It is hoped that the modern man would make use of one of these inventions to reach the moon even, say in a space ship. Already there are signs that man would certainly be able to do this and travelling by air would be the common feature of the next generation.

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