Essay on my Best Friend to whom I like the Most

Man is a social being. He wants to live with others and to share their joys and sorrows. He cannot live alone. I too live in the society and therefore like to make friends. By now I have a number of friends. Some of them are however mere acquaintances. A true friend is one who stands the test of adversity. A friend in need is a friend indeed. He shares our joys and sorrows.

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Of all my friends, however, one stands out head and shoulders above other. He is Krishan Krishan is my chum, my best friend and a jewel among boys. Krishan is my class-fellow. We sit at the same desk. We study together. We go back home together. We spend our evenings together. We are inseparable companions. Krishan comes of a good family. His father is a lawyer His mother is the Principal of a local Girls’ Senior Secondary school. They own a big house and have several servants They live in style.

Krishan is the only son of his parents. He can spend any amount he likes. That is why he has a number of books on every subject. Not that he has wasted money on them; he makes full use of them. Krishan is an intelligent student. He has always stood first or second in his class. His teachers praise him highly. They are sure he will make has mark in life4.


Krishan is a nice boy, on the whole. He is meek and gentle, noble and sincere. He helps others in difficulties He is always seen by the side of his sick friends till they recover That is why everybody likes him. They are ready to do anything at his bidding6. Krishan is good at games. He is the captain of our cricket team and has won many matches for his school. He is a powerful orator and takes part in the declamation contests.

Krishan is a tall, handsome young man. He has pleasing manners. He is gentle in his speech and very respectful to all His neighbours top love him and even respect him. My friend is indeed, a perfect gentleman. That is why I regard him as my best friend. Such friends are rare in this world.

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