Essay on My Favourite Game for School Students

Of all the major games — cricket, football hockey and tennis, I give priority to hockey. It is a manly game and the most interesting. It makes me strong and healthy. Hockey is ray favourite game and there is hardly a good match which I miss. I am not only fond of it but also a good player of hockey. I have been the skipper of my school eleven. Last Sunday I went to see an interesting match.

Richmond Cricket Club

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It was played between two local teams during the Inter-School Hockey Tournament. It was a final match. Both the teams entered the playground at 5.30 P.M. The players were in their respective uniforms—the white and the blue.

The game began immediately after the toss. It was brisk from the very beginning. The team with the blue uniform got the start. It began to press the other team. One of then centre-forwards carried the ball forward and then passed it on to the fellow on the right. This fellow who was already in the ‘D’ hit the ball hard. The ball, however, flew over the goalpost. The team, therefore, narrowly missed scoring a goal.


The game now became very exciting. The ball was caught by the other team. Their centre-forward carried the ball forward and was soon in the ‘D’. Before he could hit the ball, it was wrested form him by the full-back.

During the first halt, none of the teams could score any goal. There was a turn of the tide after the half-time. The Blues pressed their opponents, very hard. But the backs and half-backs of the other team defended themselves so well that they failed every time.

Now was the turn of the other team. Their centre-forward again took the ball, rushed into the ‘D’ and sent the ball right into the goal. A goal had been scored. Amidst loud clapping the game began again. The Blues seemed a bit nervous. There was no giving up either. They made another effort. This time they succeeded in scoring a goal.

It was last minute attempt. Very soon the time was over and the match ended in a draw. The match was really very interesting. Both the teams were evenly matched. The players played well and in the true sportsman spirit. I watched the match spell-bound.

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