Essay on My Favourite Teacher who has impressed me the Most.

I am a student of the eleventh class and have by now studied under several teachers. I liked them for their knowledge, but I can never forget one particular teacher. He is my ideal in my -life. It was he who made me punctual and regular and filled me with a keen sense of duty and patriotism.

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The said teacher was Mr. Har Dayal, my teacher of English, in the Govt. School. He had a perfect command over the subject. Words flowed from his lips like a gentle flow of water from a rivulet over a slope. There was nothing but sweetness in his speech. He was also an expert in the art of teaching. He made the most difficult topic easy. If he took up grammar, he made the lesson so interesting that we grasped it at once.

Mr. Har Dayal had a good personality. He was always well-dressed. This filled the heart of his pupils with desire to appear in their best. That was why they looked neat and smart and had in them that self-confidence which helped them achieve success in society.


Mr. Har Dayal knew the working of the heart of a grown-up boy. It was because of this that he knew how to extract work from his pupils. No one could ever say ‘no’ to him. They were ever ready to do whatever he asked them to do. No one dared tell a lie before him for they knew he would find out the whole truth by his cross-questioning. The students loved as well as feared him. They became truthful and honest. They tried to follow him in letter and spirit?

Mr. Har Dayal was a friend and a guide to his pupils. They came to him in all their difficulties without any hesitation. They knew that the teacher would give them the best piece of advice possible. It was all due to Jus healthy influence that we began “to hate evil and crime. We became ‘all round good.

‘Respect yourself and others will respect you, was his maxim. He had a spotless character. The Principal as well as his colleagues liked his company. Mr. Har Dayal was a man of very gentle temperament. He was never angry. No one had ever seen him using a harsh word. He knew that the children under him could make an error. He did not believe in using the rod. Mr. Har Dayal was a gem amongst men.

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