Essay on My First Experience of Riding a Cycle

Riding a bicycle has become very popular these days. It is the cheapest means of conveyance. My School is at a distance from the house and, therefore, I have to go there by bus. I however, sometimes, get late and am therefore fined. I had been requesting my father to get me a good cycle so that I might reach school on time. He promised that he would get me one if I did well in the final examination. By God’s grace, I did well in the examination and therefore my father, true to his word, got me a bicycle.

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Now the problem before me was how to ride the bicycle. One of my friends lives next door. I persuaded him to make me learn riding a cycle. He agreed. He used to take me to the school playground and taught me How to balance the handle and use the pedals. He used to run with me so that I might not hurt myself. I picked up the things very quickly and could ride a cycle without any one’s help in a few days.

One day, however, I took the cycle out and went to the ground by myself. Soon I met with an accident and hurt myself. I did not lose heart. I knew the maxim that practice makes a man perfect. I became an expert cyclist in a few days. What a pleasure it is to ride a cycle ! I now go to school on my cycle. I regard riding a cycle to be the cheapest and quickest means of transport as far as a student is concerned. I make use of my cycle if something urgent is to be brought from the market. I now visit the homes of my relatives who live at a distance. I am very helpful to my mother and get vegetables and fruit for the house. She knows that I have a bike and I can spare a few minutes for bringing the household things she needs.


The bicycle has proved very useful to me in many other ways. Not that I save a lot of my time in going to and coming from school but I go to the market for purchasing my books and stationery1 instead of purchasing them from the local shopkeeper who charges higher rates. Once, however, I had a nasty accident but I got off without injury. This has made me a bit cautious and therefore I do not cycle fast in the crowded streets. What a pleasure it is to fly like a bird on my cycle!

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