Essay on my Home Town for School Students

I live in , the capital of India. It is very old city. It has many buildings of historical importance. Delhi is the metropolis where people come from various lands. There are ambassadors and tourists in a large number in Delhi. Others come to the city either for study or on business. Scores of them visit the Connaught Place everyday for shopping.

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Delhi is a fast growing city. New Colonies are coming up everyday. The population has increased many times. There is a great rush of the tongas, cars, scooters, taxies and buses on the roads. Traffic jams are very common. The bus stops are always full of passengers waiting for the buses. Bazaars are always crowded. There is hustle and bustle everywhere.

Delhi is a big business centre. There are hundreds of factories, manufacturing a variety of goods which have ready sale. Moreover, thousands of people are engaged in cottage industries and fill the market with the goods they produce.


Delhi is an educational centre and has a University. The students number several thousands. There are hundreds of schools with thousands of scholars studying in them. There are a number of medical, engineering and professional colleges also. Delhi can boast of a number of universities which cater to the need of students living here.

Accidents are very common in Delhi because the roads are not wide enough to meet the rush of traffic. The traffic is controlled by automatic signals. But for them, the number of accidents would have increased many times.

Delhi has a large number of good restaurants and cinema houses where people throng in the evenings and spend a couple of hours. Delhi consists of two parts—Old Delhi and New Delhi New Delhi is the seat of Union government. Big multistoreyed buildings are being built. The city looks charming in the evening in the light of the lamps and tube lights. Old Delhi has narrow streets which are full of people at all hours of the day.

Delhi is a city of long distances. Some of the new colonies are several miles away from the main town and the railway stations. Delhi is a city where rents are very high. It is because of this that thousands of people live in the neighbouring cities and come here everyday. There is scarcity of houses. Large number of slums have sprung up. The government is trying its best to clear these slums, but it is no easy task. As soon as one slum is removed, another one appears at another place.


The Municipal Corporation of Delhi and New Delhi Municipal Committee have started planned development of the city. The roads are being widened. Parks are being laid wherever possible. It is hoped that Delhi will be a neat and clean city, worthy of being the capital of the Indian Republic.

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