Essay on My Last Day at School for School Students

It was my final year at school and I was to take the Senior Secondary Examination of the Central Board of Secondary Education. As is the custom we, the students of the twelfth class were to be given & formal farewell1. The day fixed was, the 28th February.

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On that day we all assembled in the school at 4 P.M. The school wore a festive appearance. The well laid-out lawn presented a beautiful sight. The flower-beds were colourful. The newly white washed building looked neat and clean. The arrangement to bid us farewell on the eve of our departure from the school.

We met in the school hall. The principal was in the chair. There were songs and speeches. The teachers too addressed the students. They spoke feelingly of our behaviour. All of them had a word of advice for us. Then came Yash Pal of X-A. He read out the farewell address. It was a fine recital of all we had done in the school, in the field of games and sports, the way we had befriended our younger brothers, the students of tenth class and the hopes they entertained from us in the Board Examination. The address ended with the assurance that they would follow in our footsteps and keep up the high traditions of the school.


In reply I told the students that we honoured the feelings expressed by them and we would try to live up to their expectations. Then the Principal got up to speak. He, too, had words of advice for us. He hoped we would not forget the school — our alma mater — where we had our first lessons. He assured us that he and the members of the staff would watch with pride the progress we would be making in life.

After this we all moved off to the school compound for the group photo. We were entertained to tea with snacks. It was a well arranged party. We all thanked our hosts for it and took leave of them. It was my last day at school because it was on this day that I bade farewell to the school and entered a new world of hope and enterprise. I still remember this day.

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