Essay on National Cadet Corps (N.C.C.)

There is no dearth of recruits in India. The real problem is to find suitable candidates for selection as commissioned officers. To meet this difficulty, military training has been made compulsory for all able-bodied male undergraduates in colleges, since 1963.

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The National Cadet Corps imparts military training to boys and girls in schools and colleges. The National Cadet Corps can not act as an inexhaustible reservoir of potential officers for the Armed Forces of India.



The full form of the abbreviation N.C.C. is National Cadet Corps. India has the largest cadet corps in the world with strength as more about 30 lakh cadets. The National Cadet Corps consist of three Divisions-senior, Junior and Girls. The first two Divisions are composed of three wings-army, navy and Air Force. The army wing has units of various Corps-Armored, Artillery Engineers, Signallers, Infantry, Electrical and Mechanical Engineers and Medical Personnel. The cadets are given basic military training. Cadets of technical units receive specialized training. The N.C.C. Academy at Purandhar runs special courses for N.C.C. Officers. The N.C.C. college for women at Gwalior trains lady N.C.C. Officers.


Cadet means a young military student. The members of N.C.C. are trained in military discipline, a quality which is highly necessary for all. They also learn the rudiments of fighting process, so that they can be able to join our Armed Forces without any difficulty.

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