Essay on Non-Violence


Non-violence is one of the divine qualities. The non-violent people are nearest to God. So, everyone should know what non-violence is and why non-violence is necessary.

Global Season for Nonviolence - Gandhi Global Center for Peace

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What non-violence is:


Non-violence means not to be violent in though and action. One should not kill men and animals. One should not hurt men and animals. One should not pain men and animals. One should not terrorise men and animals. One should not assault or annoy others. One should not think ill of others. One should not deprive others of their due. One should not do any harm to others. This is non-violence.

Why non-violence is necessary:

Men and animals, all are the children of God. All have equal right to live in this world. So, one should not take away the life of another, whether he is a man or a beast of any other living being. If we take to violence, our souls will be defiled and we will not be able to reach God after we die. Hence violence is not justified on any ground.

The chief exponents of non-violence:
Mahavir Jaina, Gautam Buddha, Ashok and Mahatma Gandhi were the chief exponents of non-violence.


Mahavir Jain and his followers were strictly no-violent. They were wearing thin pieces of cloth on their nostrils to filter air to breathe in. Because they feared that worms might get into their bodies and die. Even at present time, the jainas follows the same principle.

Gautam Buddha as the champion of non-violence. He and his followers revolted against the animal-sacrifice of the Hindu priests. Buddha preached non-violence until his death. Since then the Buddhists have been preaching this faith.

Ashok was violent in his youth. But the horror of the Kalinga war brought about a change in his heart. He gave up battle. He accepted Buddhist faith. He preached non-violence inside and outside India through a religious department. He himself stopped to eat meat. He stopped animal killing inside his kingdom. He opened dispensaries for men and animals.

Gandhiji was an ardent champion of non-violence. He practiced non-violence. He preached non-violence. He said that non-violence is the weapon of the strong people. Strong people mean those people who are morally and spiritually strong. He said that non-violence is stronger than violence. He preached for truth and non-violence till he breathed his last.



Non-violence is one of the highest virtues. Each of us should accept non-violence.

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