Essay on Observance of Birthday

When the children grow and become adults, many of them observe their respective birthdays. The religious people observe the birthdays of their prophets and their incarnated gods. People of a country or nation observe the birthdays of their national heroes and their national heroes and their national martyrs. The birthdays of social heroes and social martyrs are observed by the observe the birthdays either of themselves or of their children. But they know quite well that observance of birthday is customary with many communities in many parts of the world.

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Feeling on this day:

Different people feel in different ways when they observe their birthdays or when their birthdays are observed by others. In some cases, one feels in one way in his grown-up age. Let us see how great men react to their own birthday celebrations. As for example let us take the case of revered Jawaharlal Nehru. Regarding his birthday observance and birthday feelings revered Nehru writes in his autobiography.


“But more than all these festivals in one annual event in which I played the central part. The celebration of the anniversary of my birth. This was the day of great excitement for me. Early in the morning I was weighed in a large balance against some bag fulls of wheat and other articles which were then distributed to the poor; and then I arrayed myself in new clothes and received presents, and later in the day there was a party. I felt the hero of the occasion. My chief grievance was that my birthday came so rarely. Indeed, I tried to start an agitation for more frequent birthdays. I did not realize then that a time would come when birthdays would become unpleasant reminders of advancing age.”


Let us know what should be one’s spirit while observing one’s own birthday.

On the day of one’s birthday observance, one should not allow himself to be swept away by his birthday festivity. On his birthday, he should feel the spirit of thoughtfulness. He should seriously think over what he has done in the year back and what he should do in the year that is to begin. On his birthday, he should take a vow that he will never allow a single moment to go waste. He should promise that he will do many good and noble things so that people of his country will observe his birthday as a mark of indebtedness.

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