Essay on Patience and Perseverance.


Patience and perseverance are necessary for every man to improve in his life. Patience means not to lose balance of mind in any adverse circumstance and not to be perturbed in any kind of difficulty.

Perseverance means dogged persistence in a struggle to realize and object. Patience and perseverance both are interrelated. It means patience is necessary for perseverance and perseverance adds usefulness to patience.


The course of life is not easy. Man has to face many difficulties in his course of life. He has to suffer from physical pain and mental agony. Grief and disappointment are many for him. He may find himself, sometimes on the verge of suicide or on the point of breaking from a noble work. Only patience can sustain him under such circumstances.

Perseverance is highly necessary for achieving a very difficult object. Perseverance is to try again and again with all sincerity and without any break, even if, a man falls five hundred times in the process. Perseverance is necessary for a man to be great in his life.


Patience and perseverance are two highly commendable qualities. a few are by nature, patient and persevering. Others should obtain these qualities by constant practice.


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