Essay on Pets

An essay on Pets.


Men keep some birds and beasts for pleasure. These are called domestic pets. Men are very fond of them. It is a favorite hobby with some people to keep these pets. Some people are fond of birds, some of beasts, and some offish.

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Different pets

Cats and dogs are the commonest of household pets. Many rich men of fashion keep dogs in their houses as companions. They spend much money for their maintenance and food. These dogs became very faithful to them. They are liked for their intelligence, faithfulness and watchfulness. A lap dog is a little pet dog. It is fondled by all members of the house. They carry the pet dog on the shoulder or in the lap. It moves freely in the bed of the members and often sleeps in the bed at night. It is not a big animal. But it warns the members of the house by barking when a thief or a stranger enters the house. It is a lovely creature with its soft hair. Sometimes it becomes very fond of its master and mistress. It wants to accompany them wherever they go. If they go out leaving it behind at home, it becomes very sad. It lies down silently or falls asleep till the master and the mistress return home. Till their return it does not take any food or drink. Poet Cowper wrote an elegy on a pet dog.

The cat is kept for its lovely appearance. Children are particularly fond of pet cats. They are very clean in habit. They like warm bed. Sometimes they sleep on the same bed with their masters. These cats have some usefulness. They kill rats and mice. They are very fond of milk.

Some people are very fond of birds. Among the pet birds we may mention the names of the parrot, cockatoo, the paraquet, the pigeon, the myna, the duck, etc. The parrot and the myna are taught to imitate human speech. They can often call the children of the house by their names. They are often taught to utter the names of different deities. Some people are fond of keeping pigeons. They are allowed to soar up in the sky. But they return to their master’s house. Some pigeons are trained to carry important messages. They are also treated as messengers of peace.


Some people are fond of rearing fishes of various kinds, sizes and colours. They kept in reservoirs or glass cases. These are called aquariums. People specially children, are delighted to see their movements. Some people keep the monkey, the mongoose, the rabbit and the guinea pig as pets. The small rabbits and guinea pigs are beautiful to look at.

Care for pets

It is necessary to take great care of the pets and keep them in good condition. Otherwise they fall ill and die. The dog must have its meat, the cat its cup of milk and the parrot its cup of beans.



Busy people want diversion, amusement and recreation. Domestic pets sometimes serve that purpose. Some­times it seems cruel to keep birds as pets. When free, they fly about in the sky. They are very happy then. But they lose this freedom when they are put in a little cage or when they are chained to a perch. Some people are really pained at heart when they see these birds in a cage.

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