Essay on Prize day at our School

An essay on Prize day at our School.

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The prize day is the happiest day to us in our school life. We pass the day very happily. Instead of reading, we enjoy it fully. The joy of the prize-winners is indeed very great.

Decoration of the school building

This year the prize giving was held on the 1st March last. In the morning of that day we were very busy decorating the school building. The main gate was adorned with plantain trees, green leaves garlands and flags. The hall was also nicely decorated with green leaves, flags. The hall was also nicely decorated with green leaves, flags and chains of different kinds of coloured paper. Thus it looked quite grand.

President and guests


We boys had to take our seats in the hall half an hour before the time. As we had to wait long, it was a difficult task for the teachers to keep us quite. The Headmaster and the Secretary were waiting at the gate to receive the President. The District Magistrate was to preside. Many guardians of the students and many respectable gentlemen attended the meeting. The President came just in time. The Secretary and the Headmaster of the school received him warmly at the gate. They led him up the hall to the dais. We all got up and cheered. When the President took his seat on the dais, the Committee members and some respectable guests also sat there.


The Secretary then formally proposed the District Magistrate to take the chair. His proposal was seconded by another distinguished gentleman present. The Magistrate then took the chair. Then an opening song was sung. When this was done, the Secretary read the annual report of the school. This seemed to be a dry thing, and the student did not take much interest in it. After this some of the boys recited selected poems, both English and Bengali. Some of them recited very nicely. The President was very glad to hear their recitation.

Distribution of prizes


Then the distribution of prizes began. The Headmaster called out the names of the Prize winners, on by one, from the lowest class. The prize-winners, one by one, marched up to the dais and received their prizes from the President in the midst of loud cheers. Prizes were first given to those who made good results in the examination. The other prizes were given to those who showed skill in games, sports and recitation.

Speech of the President

When the prize-giving was over, some of the gentlemen present delivered speeches. These speeches were rather dry. Then the President rose to address the students. His was a nice little speech. He praised the prize-winners and encouraged the other students to try their best to win prizes the next year. He then advised the boys to improve their health by exercise and games. He praised those who showed skill in sports and games.


When the President finished his speech, a member of the Managing Committee thanked him for taking the trouble of presiding over the function. Another song was sung and then the meeting was over.

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