Essay on Prize Distribution Function of My School

The Prize Distribution Function is the most important event of every school and college. The students try to show themselves at their best. The teachers as well as the students spare no pains to make the function a grand success. The Prize Distribution Function of my school came off on 20th February this year. The Hon’ble Minister for Education presided over the function and gave away prizes to the students who had distinguished themselves in games or studies.

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Preparations for the Prize Distribution were made well in advance. The books for the prizes were selected. Medals cups and other articles needs for the occasion were purchased. Lists of the prize-winners were drawn up. The prize-winners were instructed to occupy their seats according to the serial number on the lists. The participants in the cultural programme were given daily rehearsals. Invitations were issued to the parents of the students. The school was white­washed. The hall was tastefully decorated with mottos, maps and pictures. The library, the art room and laboratories were given a face lift.

On the day of the Prize Distribution, a big canopy was set up m the school compound. Carpets were spread for the students to sit on. On one side was erected a raised platform It was nicely decorated with buntings and balloons. There was a table in the centre and three chairs, one for the president and the other two for the members of the Managing Committee. A big table was laid on the right side of the stage for prizes. Just near the passage leading to the stage were placed benches for the prize winners. The students were made to sit in front of the stage on seats specially provided for them.


The Hon’ble Minister arrived at 4 P.M. He was received at the gate by the Principal, the members of the Managing Committee and senior members of the staff. The scouts gave him a guard of honour. The band played a festive tune. As soon as the President entered the canopy, all the students stood up. The whole place resounded with cheers.

Everyone now took his seat. There was perfect silence in the canopy. The programme began. First, there was a chorus song sung in praise of Saraswati, the goddess of learning It was followed by a one act play depicting a scene in the life of Porus, a king of Sind at the time of the invasion of Alexander the Great. There were other items, each more interesting than the other.

The Principal then read out the annual report. It was a proud account of the all round progress made by the school. Now began the prize-distribution. The Hon’ble Minister gave away the prizes. After the prize-distribution was over, the President made a short speech. He advised the students to work hard and make all round improvement. The Principal then took the guests round the school. They were entertained to a light refreshment. The function was a grand success. The next day was declared a holiday.

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