Essay on proper use of leisure results in happiness

What is life if full of care? We have no time to stand and stare. The above lines mean that life is dull, drab and monotonous if we have no spare moments at our disposal to look around us. We are surrounded with beauty on all the sides. We need leisure to praise this beauty. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. The maxim holds quite true that rest is needed after hard work. These moments which we get after doing duty assigned to us can be defined as leisure. Each individual whatever his status may be has leisure at his disposal.

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It is quite compulsory that leisure must be used in the right manner. Time is valuable. Time once past can never be recalled. It is therefore, necessary that proper use of spare time should be done. Leisure should not be wasted in idle gossips or visiting clubs, hotels and restaurants. Even personal upkeep beyond a certain limit is useless and is merely wastage of time.

There are many ways of using leisure in the most useful way. You can render help to the needy. You are fortunate enough to be in the category of the literate. In your spare moments you can make an illiterate literate. In this way you will be doing a great service to your country. Go to a nearby slam and teach the slum dwellers habits of cleanliness. Help them know their rights as a citizen. This will help them to save themselves from being exploited by the selfish ones. Leisure can be utilized in the service of the ailing persons. There are persons who are unable to stand in a queue to get medicine from free dispensaries. You can be helpful to such persons in your spare time.


If you are unwilling to do social service you may have a hobby of your own and spend your leisure profitably. Take a camera and go into the lap of nature. There you will find beautiful scenes and you can capture them in your camera. Movements of birds, fowls and small animal life can be photographed. If you are not in a position to afford such a costly hobby, you, in the vacant land of your house, develop a small kitchen garden. Sow seeds and reap fresh vegetables. Plant trees, flowering as-well-as yielding fruit. These trees will not only provide you fruit, but also help in making the environment pollution free.

In our country there is a great need for health care of the aged people. In ancient India and in the days of joint family system the aged had certain privileges. But with the break up of the joint family system and urbanization the aged are the worst hit. You can spend your leisure in the service of the aged by looking after their health. If any of the above means to spend leisure does not suit you may develop habit of raiding. The pleasures of reading are indeed varied. They will do a great deal to soften your temperament. You will derive a great joy from reading books. Books are thought provoking and will naturally make you meditative. You will be able to solve the problems of life in a calm and cool atmosphere.

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