Essay on rainy day for kids

It was the month of July. The school had just opened after the long summer vacation. It was still quite hot. There was, however, a change soon. Hot gusts of wind gave place to a welcome breeze. It was an indication that the rains were not far off.

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One morning I set out for my school. It was quite clear then. I walked on merrily. I was still far from my school. All of a sudden I saw a black cloud in the west. Soon it covered the whole sky. I felt alarmed. I hid my books under my clothes and ran fast. I had hardly covered a short distance when it began to rain. It was the first shower of the rainy season.

I took shelter under a big banyan tree and waited. Soon the rain abated. I stepped out. I ran to the school. I was just in time.The bell rang, but there were no students. The school presented a deserted look. Very few teachers had turned up by then. After some time it began to rain again. The students came in one s and two’s but they were all wet. Teaching work seemed out of question.


The Principal waited for some time. The rain did not show any sign of stopping. He, therefore, closed the School for the day. I set out again. The rain was very heavy. All the roads were under water. There was no traffic. Some of the low-lying areas were under knee deep water. The roads looked like rivulets. Many people were stranded. They waited for the rain to stop.

Still worse was the condition of the slum dwellers. The kaccha houses in which they lived began to tumble down. They could not withstand the heavy rain. The gushing water from the drains entered their huts, spoiling most of the things they had.

It was about two in the after noon when the fury of the rain lessened. It kept drizzling for some time and then it stopped. The people came out. The traffic started once again. I also, moved homewards. There was water on the roads even now. I had, therefore, to wade through deep water. At last I reached my house. .

I was in a strange plight then. The whole of my body was covered with mud. My hair was dishevelled. My books were all wet. My mother had been waiting for me anxiously. She gave me new clothes to put on. I had a hasty meal and then took rest for a while.


In the evening I went out. Still the sky was overladen with clouds. It was a strange experience for me but people welcomed the shower. With it vanished the heat of the summer—the blazing sun and the hot winds. A rainy day in winter is most unwelcome. People shiver. The poor are put to great inconvenience for want of enough clothes. How welcome is the rain in summer!

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