Essay on Rainy Season for kids

Duration of this season

There are six seasons in India. The rainy season is one of them. It comes after summer. In India it begins generally from the end of June and last still the end of August.

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How rain is caused


During this time, the wind blows from the south-west. In the south and east, there are the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal, and in the west there is the Arabian Sea. The wind carries the water particles of the seas with it. This wind blows over many parts of India. When it reaches the colder regions of the atmosphere, the water particles are condensed into clouds, and then they fall down as rain.

Nature of the season

In the rainy season, the sky is generally covered with clouds. Sometimes the sun is not seen. It so happens sometimes that it rains continually for days together. Rivers and canals are filled with water. Sometimes rivers overflow their banks. Fields are flooded with water rainfalls in heavy showers in Calcutta, many streets are flooded. Motor cars, etc. are seen to run through mass of water. It is, indeed, a beautiful sight to see.

In Hummer the heat is very great. Nature seems to be lifeless. But with the advent of the rainy season, Nature seems to get a now life. She assumes a beautiful aspect. We see green trees, green grass and green paddy fields. The beauty of Nature in this season charms all, particularly the poets. Great poets like Kalidas, Rabindranath and others have composed beautiful poems about the rainy season. Many sweet-smelling flowers add to the beauty of this season.



During this season, jute and paddy grow in plenty. Hilsa is a very tasteful fish. We get it in this season. Many sweet and juicy fruits are found in plenty in this season. The flood washes away refuse matters. It makes the country free from malaria and other diseases. In villages many people can go together in a boat from one place to another. They can carry heavy things from one place to another in a boat. This saves expenses.


There are many disadvantages too. In the rainy season roads become muddy. When rain falls continually, people are put into great difficulty and inconvenience. They cannot go out. Their work suffers. Poor people suffer much. Their cottages become damp and wet. These become unhealthy. Thus poor people cannot live comfortably. Sometimes the flood washes away their cottages. Many people then become homeless and helpless. Cattle and crops are also destroyed. The prices of things generally go up in the rainy season.



It is true that people suffer in many ways in the rainy season. But still the rainy season is very useful to us. The rainy season makes the earth cool after the severe heat of summer. In this season, paddy and jute grow. If there is not much rainfall, then these crops will not grow well. Famine will then break out for failure of crops. So in spite of its disadvantages, we welcome the rainy season.

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