Essay on Scene in an Examination Hall for School Students

There is in the Examination Hall an atmosphere of suspense and fear. The examinees are sitting on the seats allotted to them and their mind is busy making guesses about the paper. Some have worked hard and are confident. There is not a ray of worry on their faces. Others who have wasted time in gossips feel nervous. The whole atmosphere is tense.


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Very soon blank answer papers are distributed. Then rings the last bell. The invigilators start distributing the question papers. At this time one can read a variety of feelings on the faces of the examinees. The intelligent ones who are thoroughly prepared seem delighted whereas those who are weak look disappointed.

The scene during the progress of the examination is very interesting to watch. Students seldom5 raise their heads. One can hear the sound of the scribbling of the pens. There are, however, some examinees who are not well prepared. They therefore look at the papers of others. Here and there some examinees are caught copying and are turned out of the Examination Hall.


The invigilators walk up and down the hall. Even a slight whisper makes them alert. Servants and attendants are busy, some in supplying water and others accompanying the examinees who want to go to the toilet.

A few minutes before the examination is over there is a great stir in the hall. The examinees tie up the answer-books.

At last the last bell goes, and the examinees walk out after handing their answer books to the invigilators. The noise soon dies down and the hall is empty, except for the few invigilators and the superintendent.

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