Essay on scene in an examination hall

Scene before the examination begins—On the day of an examination, the candidates generally reach the examination centre rather early. They have to find out their respective seats and they will hurriedly read their books for the 1st time. They are accompanied by their relatives or friends to encourage them. The candidates see the chart of the arrangement of seats. They thus know in which room they have got their seats. An hour before the commencement of the examination the doors of the examination hall are opened. Candidates begin entering the hall. They are busy finding their seats. Some are glad if they find their seats in comfortable position. Others are sad if their seats are not to their liking.

As there is yet time, some glance over their books hurriedly for the last time. Others discuss possible questions with their friends. Though they read or discuss, their minds are filled with anxiety. They fear that they may not fare well if the questions are stiff or if questions are set from unprepared portions. Some candidates, however, are found in a light mood. They talk with their friends without fear or anxiety. They may be quite confident of success or they do not care whatever may happen to their lot.

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The warning bell rings. The invigilators enter the hall with papers for writing answers, blotting papers and question papers. They ask the candidates to take their respective seats. The friends and relatives leave the hall earlier. The candidates now leave their books somewhere in the hall or outside it, and take their respective seats. The invigilators distribute answer scripts to the candidates. Each candidate writes down his roll number and centre on the cover page of the answer script. They now wait for the question paper with a nervous mind.


Scene when the examination goes on—The bell rings for the commencement of the examination. The noise has already ceased. The invigilators now distribute the question papers to the candidates. Each candidate receives it with a palpitating heart and goes through it quickly. Some candidates look cheerful. They think the questions are easy. Some look gloomy. To them the questions appear to be stiff. The former candidates lose no time. They begin answering the questions. The later candidates take sometime to choose which questions they can answer well. Then they begin writing. Some candidates express their discontent by loud talks. The invigilators have a very difficult task to pacify such candidates. However, after being pacified, they too go on writing.

When half the time is over, some candidates find it hard to answer the remaining questions. They become restless. Some want drinking water. Some want to go out to answer calls of nature. Some candidates disturb their neighbour to help them. Some candidates become very nervous. They forget what they have learnt. They sprinkle cold water on the head and into the eyes. Sometimes dishonest candidates try to adopt unfair means. They bring books and scraps of papers containing answers of possible questions. If they are detected by the invigilators, they are warned. Sometimes the officer-in-charge is informed of it. Sometimes he expels such a candidate. Thus through his own fault he mars his career.

Time rolls on. When there is not much time, some candidates hastily revise their answers or try to finish them. The warning bell rings. Some candidates submit their answer scripts before time, others revise their answers calmly.

Scene when the examination is over—The final bell rings. The invigilators ask the candidates to stop writing and submit the answer-scripts. Some do this. Others still go on writing. The invigilators are compelled in some cases to snatch away the answer-scripts from such candidates. The candidates now leave the hall. Some go out laughing, chatting and discussing their answers. Some candidates have not done well. They leave the hall with sad heart. The invigilators now collect and arrange the answer-scripts serially. They leave the hall after this. It now becomes empty and the doors are closed until the next day or the next shift of the examination that day.

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