Essay on School Election for high School Students

There is a ‘Parliament’ in our school. The members are elected by the students every year. Each section elects two members to represent it in the Parliament. The Parliament holds a session every month. There is a question hour. The members send the questions pertaining to the students’ welfare a week before the session begins. The ministers in-charge of the various departments of school activities answer them.

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The election to the Parliament is a great event in the school. Students divide themselves into various parties. Brisk, canvassing is carried on by the candidates. Speeches are made. There is a regular ‘election fever.

The elections to the School Parliament were held this year on 15th of September by secret ballot. The class teachers acted as presiding officers in their respective classes while a scout acted as the polling officer. Each student was given a ballot paper with the names of the candidates. The students were to tick-mark the names of two candidates and cast the ballot paper into the ballot-box. The ballot-boxes of each class were taken to the Principal’s room. The votes were counted and the results declared. The Prime Minister’s election was held the next day.


There were five candidates. The votes were cast by the members elected the previous day. My friend Jagdish polled the highest votes. He became the Prime Minister. He formed a cabinet of five ministers. Jyoti became the Minister of health and cleanliness while Krishan was given the portfolio of games and sports. The Prime Minister kept-with him the Department of education.

The elections were fair and free. There were no quarrels. All the students showed a high sense of discipline. School elections are very useful. They infuse in the students a sense of responsibility. They prepare them for bigger roles in the civic life of the city as well as of the country at large.

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