Essay on school students and politics


There has been much discussion whether school students should join politics or not. Some persons say that they should join and some say that they should not. We should first discuss the subject very reasonably. Then we can decide whether students should join politics or not:

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Arguments for it


Before India had been free from the bondage of the British rule, some politicians said that school students also should join the struggle for freedom. During the days of Non-co-operation movement, school students were advised to give up studies and join the fight for freedom. Their argument was—”Everything is useless without freedom. Education can wait but freedom cannot. Everything will be set right as soon as we get freedom. If school students join the political movement, it will gain additional strength.

Now, we have no longer to fight against the British Government. But many political parties even now try to make use of school students in politics. They say that we have not yet got real freedom. When the common people of India will have no want, then only we can say that we have got true freedom. For this purpose, our countrymen have to bring pressure upon the Government. They say that this Government is led by the capitalists and the capitalists do not care for the good of the common people. Hence people have much to do and school students cannot stay aloof. They should organize themselves and take active part in the political movement. Their united effort will help the movement to a great extent.

Arguments against it

Many thoughtful persons, on the other hand, say that school students should not join politics. Their only duty is to study. They are of tender age. They cannot make proper judgement. They are led away by emotion. If these students turn their attention to politics, their education will suffer much. During the Non-co-operation movement many school students gave up studies and their future was ruined. Students must receive education first of all. They should not do a thing which may stop the progress of their education. Without proper education they cannot be good citizens. Boys of tender age can be easily excited. If they join any movement, they will be bound to neglect the studies. This should not be allowed, because it will not do good to the students.


My views

In my opinion even school students cannot completely stay aloof f^om politics. But we would always remember that the main duty is to study. We cannot by any means neglect it. Education will develop our faculties. Without proper education we cannot do a thing properly. We cannot be good citizens. If we study the biographies of great politicians, we shall see that they did not neglect education. We, school students, shall be the future citizens of the country. If we do not educate ourselves properly, we shall not be able to do our duties as citizens. If we actively take part in political movement there is very chance that we shall have to neglect our studies and in the end our future will be ruined. But we should discuss political matters with our teachers and guardians as far it is good for us. We shall thus be able to prepare our ground and in future we can be good politicians. We should see that we may not be won over by so-called politicians to serve their ends. We should carefully think about our duty. We cannot always form our independent judgment. Hence we easily believe to be true what the political parties say. It is, of course, true that by discussion with our teachers or superiors we may gain political knowledge. This will be helpful to us in future. We may form an association to unite ourselves. But I think that instead of taking active part in politics we can turn our attention to social service. There is a vast field for this. By social service we can make ourselves good citizens in future and can do much towards the uplift of our country.

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