Essay on Science in Peace and War


It is the age of science. Science has become a part of our everyday life. We take the help of science for most of our purposes, general or special. We need the help of science, at all times, whether peace or war.

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Science in peace:


Peace-time has also a great contribution to science. Many of the scientific discoveries were made at the time of peace. Newton discovered the law of gravitation. Benjamin discovered electricity in clouds. Washington invented steam-engine. Faraday invented electric generator. Marconi invented radio. Edison invented hundreds of machines. These are all peace-time products. In peace-time, inventors are cool and calm. They are never hurry to invent a machine or to discover a law of nature. Edison may be an exception to it.

Science in war:

War-time has a bigger contribution of science. Governments pay their scientists. Hence, scientists are busy, day and night to invent destructive weapons. They are very much hurry in their work to cope with the war-emergency. They invent articles both for offensive and defensive purposes. They invent more effective medicines of the bed ridden soldiers. The scientific discoveries and invention; which are made with an aim to destroy, are put to service or men at the time of peace. Atomic energy is one such thing. It was discovered to launch massive destruction in the enemy countries to destroy a pretty large number of people and to destroy very big cities in a wink of an eye. True to its purpose it was made into atom bombs two of which destroyed two high Japanese cities. But in peace-time it may be used to bring a revolutionary change in the life of mankind.



Wars, of course, accelerate the work of science. War has much greater contribution to the scientific inventions. Still, we should not welcome war. We should welcome peace and should be content with whatever it offers.

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