Essay on Small Savings


The foresighted people save money for their futures. Saving of money is a very good habit. It is not miserliness. Because man saves money after meeting his necessary expenses. But miserliness is a mental disease.

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Future is uncertain, nobody known what lies for him in his future. So, he should save money against bad days. Even an ant saves food for the rainy season. Man has to do many expensive works in his future life. He has to give higher education to his children. He is to give his daughters in marriage. he has to build additional houses for his enlarged family. He may fall ill for a long period. He may be thrown out of service for months. His crops may fail. His business may suffer. He may be dragged into litigation. So, he should save money for any duty or against any odd. His savings will come into his use at the time of such dire need. Moreover, the habit of saving makes a man frugal.

How to save money:

One should be frugal in order to save money. A prodigal man cannot save anything. Rather he runs into debt. So everybody should be economical. He should prepare a periodical budget where an amount for saving must find a place. He should not put this savings in his own chest. Because the robbers and thieves may take away the savings. He should credit the money to a kind of government security. The Government of India has opened many saving schemes like postal savings, bank cumulative time deposit, defense fund, national savings certificate, life insurance and so on. People should take advantage of these provisions.



Saving of money is a very useful habit. This habit should be encouraged among the people. The students should also make a habit of saving. The Government has opened many saving schemes for the children. There are schemes like saving-card and saving box. the students should take advantage of these provision.

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