Essay on Social Welfare


Man lives in society. He learns speech, manners and philosophy in his society. He works and moved in his society. Society gives protection to his life and property. The well-being of the society means the well-being of its individual. So, everyone work for the welfare of the society.

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A balanced development is needful:


Society needs a balanced development. Society cannot improve if the women lie backward. Society cannot improve if the women lie backward. Society cannot improve if a section of its people remain untouchable. Society cannot improve if a good number of people remain poor. Society cannot improve if the old, the sick, the crippled and the handicapped are not taken care of society cannot improve if some people take to begging and if some people remain unemployed. So, for the welfare of the society all such disabilities should go. For the balanced development of society there should be equal opportunity for all. Society should mobilize the best in all of us for the general welfare of the society. Every individual of the society should be made healthy, educated, enlightened, free of corruption, well paid for his labour and well house.

What Government is doing for the social welfare in India:

In the past social welfare had been carried on by voluntary agencies and by philanthropic individuals. Now, Indian has become a welfare state since her freedom. However, the Government is assisting private agencies to enable them to continue their good work. The Government has founded a board called “Central Social Welfare Board” which has its branches in the States. This board was founded in August 1953 as part of the First Five-Year plan of India. The Board is disbursing grant to welfare agencies. The board has welfare extension projects in the rural areas. The Board tries to suppress the immoral traffic in women and children and to provide after-care to the victims of this traffic. The social welfare programme also relates to juvenile delinquency and beggars. There are correctional institutions for young offenders like reformatory schools where children under sixteen years are put. The borstal schools are meant for those who are more than sixteen years old. The board looks to prohibition, backward classes, scheduled castes, scheduled tribes and the criminal tribes. Under the British rule, a number of lawless tribes were blessed as “Criminal” and were generally segregated. In August 1952 the Criminal Tribes Acts were repealed. The Board is trying to educate these people and improve their economic condition in order to wean away their children from anti-social practices.



Every student should prepare himself to do the social welfare. People should co-operate with the Government to effect the social welfare programme.

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