Essay on Some Modern Inventions


Science has made a great advance in modern times. Modern inventions include a lit of useful things. Some of them are enumerated below.

Radar: It is an electronic device for locating objects by means of shoft-wave radio echoes. It is very useful at war-time to know the position of aircrafts or ships engaged by enemy.

Radio: It is an instrument for wireless communication. It was invented in 1895 by Mr. Marcony, an Italian scientist.

Television: It is a kind of wireless machine on which we can see the distant objects with the help of its radio-action.

Transistor: It is an instrument which is fitted to radio-sets to make them workable.

X-Ray machine: It is quite useful for medical and surgical purposes. Because it can photograph the inside of the body.

Chloroform: It is kind of anesthetic. It is used in surgery for conducting painless operation. It is a thing which puts a person into a kind of sleep so that he feels nothing at the time of the surgical operation going on.

Rocket: It is the engine of the space-craft. The first rocket could travel round the earth at a speed of 18000 miles per hour.

Atomic power: Atomic power was used in making bombs for large-scale destruction in the world war II. Atomic power is now experimented to be used for peaceful purposes.


These are some of the modern inventions. These are only a few of the lot. Day by day, more and more things are getting invented and newer inventions are coming into use.


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