Essay on Teaching of Religion

An evaluation of advantages and limitations of religious education leads us to be conclusion that religion should be given a place in education.

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But religion should be included in such a way that the above mentioned defects religious education may be avoided. One of the objectives of religious education is self-realization and to in spite virtuous conducts.

It is necessary to make efforts in this direction. Self-realisation and virtuous conduct are inner-impulses. They cannot be imposed on anyone. Sermons and instructions alone will not achieve religious aims.


Moral development and virtuous conduct through religion is possible only when opportunities are provided for such behaviour. A religious atmosphere in schools can make it possible.

The incidents are greatly influenced by the ideal behaviour of teachers. So the teachers themselves should present examples of ideal behaviour by leading a religious, moral and virtuous life.

The teacher religion alone cannot create a religious atmosphere in schools. All teachers should cooperate in this process.

Religious education should be kept away from narrow mindedness. It will be better to give religious education based on logic, analysis and criticism; otherwise it may lead to superstitions fanatics, jealousy and narrow-mentality.


In schools, religion should not be taken as an end in itself. It is simply a means for all-round development of the individual. The schools are not to be made temples, mosques, or churches by titling religious education to a particular sect.

Schools are not to fulfill the functions of religious institutions other the religious institutions should work as schools.

If religious institutions make an attempt for the all- round development of children through spiritual development, they will certainly lessen the burden of schools.

It is, therefore, necessary for the religious bodies to take the form of educational obligations to the extent possible.

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