Essay on Temperance.


Temperance means abstinence from narcotics, especially from alcoholic drinks. Alcohol means any kind of wine. There are other kinds of narcotic such as tobacco, opium and heroin.

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Wine is an alcoholic drink made from different kinds of fruit or grain. Tobacco is an intoxicating plant which is know as tobacco plant. Opium is made from a plant called poppy. They are all very addictive. Heroin is a highly addictive narcotic. Heroin looks like white crystals. Heroin is derived from morphine or morphia. Morphine or morphia is an extract of opium.

Use of narcotics:

The narcotics are used in making many kinds of medicine. When taken in a very small dose as per medical advice, it takes away pain and causes sleep. In these ways narcotics are useful.

Misuse of narcotics:


We find misuse of narcotics with people in general. They use a narcotic for feeling a kind of pleasure in the form of intoxication. For its addictive nature, soon they get addicted to it and consequently, it ruins their health and causes early end of their life. While used, it gives rise to many kinds of social, financial and moral problems, individually for the taker of the narcotic, and for his family too and generally for the whole society, nation and country at large.

Different people are addicted to different kinds of narcotic. But in the present-day world, wine drinkers or drunkards are more numerous that the addicts of other kinds of drug.

Drive against wine:

Knowing the ferocity of wine as a drink, many philanthropists and social workers are making united effort to remove in temperance from the human habit. They are now highly vocal through all kinds of mass-media in support of temperance.


In India:

Now in India, the drive against all kinds of wine has been very keen. Our social workers are trying their level best to wean away the drunkards from this notorious drink by peacefully winning their heart, by sympathetic advice to them, by intensive propaganda, and by putting pressure on the Government to make law against wine-makers and wine-sellers and to close down all the wine-shops run of licensed by the Government.


It is a happy news that some State Government in India have abolished the use of wine in their respective States. It is hoped that the other State Governments in India will follow their example, and will soon see their states quite abstinent from all kinds of intoxicating liquor.

Note: This article/essay is written in easy words for School Students Only.

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