Essay on the benefits and favorable conditions of a Big City

A big city has its own charms. It is because of this that the young villagers come to the cities. They think that it is in the city that they would be able to earn a lot. The cities do offer enormous opportunities to the people. Everything that is needed to make life comfortable is available in a city. There is electricity to work the fans, the refrigerators to provide cold water and aerated water needed so hot season.

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A city, moreover, offers the best opportunities of education. There are schools and colleges, polytechnics for men and women, engineering and medical college. There is no dearth in cities of recreational centres. There are cinemas and theaters to enliven the life of the people.

It is well said that the gardens and parks are the lungs of a city and, therefore, every city worth the name has a number of gardens and parks. The greater charm of a big city is its fine pucca roads which are always full of taxis, buses and scooters. There are accidents sometimes but they can-be avoided if people are a little more careful.


Another great charm of a city is that the shops are full of merchandise. There are markets where the people can purchase the necessities of life as well as material for decoration. Every good city has a number of hospitals fitted with upto date appliances of Surgery, It is because of this that the villagers living in the villages nearby rush to cities in case of emergency.

Last but not least, there is a transport corporation which arranges the buses and a milk body to provide pasteurized milk to the city dwellers. Life in a city is full of glamour. It is pleasing to see smartly dressed girls and gay youth entering cinema halls, hotels and restaurants. There are good people of allsorts; We can study their ways and manners and thus enrich our knowledge of men and manners.

In spite of these charms of city life, life in a big city is extremely artificial. People are self-centred and selfish. They do not know who their neighbour is. They lack noble feelings which lend grace to the life. Man is prone to do evil. City is thus & paradise for those who have the means to enjoy fife, but a hell for the poor and the quiet loving people.

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