Essay on the Contribution of Renaissance in the Creation of New World

Renaissance created the condition for the making of a new world. It starts by significant commercial, socio-cultural and literary developments in Europe during the 13th-15lh centuries, it came to be viewed and conceptualized as Renaissance only in the 19th century.

The Renaissance was marked by the emergence of a new culture with roots in Italian humanism.

This culture was the product of a set of unique social, political and economic conditions prevalent in parts of Europe from the late 11th century onwards.

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These conditions were most conspicuous in the northern part of present-day Italy with the growth of commerce and cities. These developments brought about an important shift in the centers of political power from the clerics (men associated with the Christian Church) and feudal nobles to wealthy urban merchants. At the same time there was also a tendency towards a consolidation of political power.

These crucial developments along with the emergence of new social groups (lawyers and notaries), new ideologies (humanism and tendencies towards secularism) and new technologies (print) cumulatively transformed the socio-cultural and political landscape of Europe.

These developments also created new forces which, in the centuries to follow, worked towards a greater cohesion and integration of the world the Santa Maria Del Fiore Church of Florence, Italy. Florence was the capital of the Renaissance.

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