Essay on the importance of outdoor games

An essay on the importance of outdoor games.

What are outdoor games

We play some games in the open air. These are called outdoor games. The Indian games like Hadu-du also called Kabadi, Dandaguli, etc. are outdoor games. We play these games in an open field. Football, cricket, hockey, tennis, etc. are also outdoor games. These are western games. These games were introduced into our country by the English. We have learnt to play these games quite well.

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Part of education

Outdoor games are now part of our education in the school. Formerly it was not so. At present many schools have their own playgrounds. The students of the schools take part in outdoor games. Youngman of India are now taking great interest in outdoor games.

Value of these games

These outdoor games have great value. Our brain is worked for a long time. If we play in the afternoon, we inhale fresh air and feel refreshed. Our body is also exercised. Thus our health is improved. These games help us to form our character too. They help in developing our personality. We learn many things from these games. We have to form a team to play the games. We learn the value of co­operation and unity. We have to obey the orders of the captain. Thus we learn obedience, discipline and order. We become generous and imbibe fellow-feeling. Outdoor games save us from evil temptations and guide us to walk in the path of virtue and duty.


The Public, our Government and Games and Sports

The public and our Government have felt the importance of games and sports. We have now Sports Ministers at the Centre and at the State level to look after the games and sports of the country. The public have also organizations to look after these. In West Bengal we have the Indian Football Association (I.F.A) to look after the game of football and the Cricket Association of Bengal (C.A.B) to look after the game of cricket. There is an association for each kind of games and sports.

There are also All India Organizations for games and sports. Our Government at the Centre as well as at the State level spend money to encourage young boys and girls to be good players and sportsmen and sports-women. Those who show exceptional skill in games and sports now earn a lot of money. So if some students cannot be successful in general education, they may try to be successful in games and sports and earn a lot of money and thus attain success in life. Following the examples of the British Government, our Government also is now conferring titles on those who show exceptional skill in games and sports and thus they are honoured.



The Western games are costly. Indian games are not so. But in towns Western games are mostly played. In villages, native games are generally played. Football and cricket are also played there now-a-days. Sometimes we are hurt and receive injuries while playing them. On some occasions bitter feelings arise between two parties. This should be checked. There should be sportsman-like spirit in the players and the spectators.

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