Essay on the Joys of Student Life

Student life is the golden period of one’s life. It is a period when one is free from all the worries and anxieties of life. There is fun and joy. There are no responsibilities and no burdens. Life is a long stretch of joy and excitement.

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During this period the student’s only worry is the examination. He has not to earn anything for himself. His needs are all fulfilled by his parents. He gets the best food. Then there are friends, the schoolmates with whom he spends most of his time. He moves among them. He learns from them and forms his habits accordingly. It is at this period of his life that he forms lasting friendship. He is honest, truthful and sincere in his behavior.

As a student, a man lays the foundations for his future life. He studies hard and gains a lot of knowledge. His mind develops. All this, however, is not a burden to him. He takes pleasure in his books. He knows that books would equip him with knowledge and be a source of great help to him in life.


It is again, in a school that a student learns to conduct himself in society. There are debates, dramas and music concerts. He takes active part in them and develops self-confidence. Occasionally there are exhibitions of the handi­crafts of the students. What a joy it is to move round explaining all the items or witnessing them ourselves. Then there are variety show programmes, television shows and cinemas for recreation.

Another source of joy to the student are the games, picnics and excursions. Outdoor games like hockey and cricket fill him with joy. Indoor games like ping-pong, carom, etc. are equally entertaining.

The teachers, too, do not subject him to rough treatment. He is treated with love and sympathy. He is helped and guided by them. His life is no longer a bed of thorns as it was in the past. In fact student life is full of great joys.

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