Essay on the most exciting day in my life

I am a student. Life has not much of excitement for me. I rise with the lark. I study my books, then get ready and go to school. This is my usual routine. There is hardly a day when I have time to go out and spend some of my time with my friends.

story of my life

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Even in this monotonous life, I had some sort of excite­ment. And it all happened like this. It was a holiday at school. Some of my friends were on a visit. I was trying my best to make them feel as comfortable as was possible. Just then I heard a piercing cry from my neighbour’s house. It was the cry of a woman. I recognized that it was the cry of my neighbor’s young daughter.

I at once ran upstairs. I passed on to the neighbor’s house and down I went the staircase. And what a terrible sight saw! My neighbour’s tender daughter lay on the floor, her
whole body covered with bruises. A fierce-looking fellow was standing near.


I was very angry. Without no further thought, I jumped over the fellow and floored him to the ground. The man was strong. I knew I was no match for him. I, however, counted on the help of my friends.

My friends soon came on the scene. They had followed me and were now engaged in a fight with other fellows who now appeared there. They were all fierce-looking fellows. They had come to help their companion.

It did not take us long to overpower them. They were bound hand and foot. One of us ran to the nearest police station. The police inspector with a few constables arrived. The fellows were interrogated. Our statements were recorded. They were arrested and taken to the police station.

After placing the girl in safe hands we rushed to the police station. To our surprise we found that the fellows captured by us were some notorious dacoits. We returned home in the evening. The day had been of unusual excitement. I still remember that day and regard it as the most exciting day of my life.

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