Essay on the policeman


The policeman is a servant of the Government. He is a useful member of the society.

His Dress

A policeman has a red turban or a blue cap on his head. He puts on a white or a “khaki” coat, a pair of breeches and a pair of black boots.

He has belt round his waist. It keeps his dress tight. There is a short wooden stick hanging from his belt. It is called a baton, It is his weapon. The mounted police rides a horse. 9383 Police Raised Embroidery Cap (adj): Military ...

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His duties

The duty of a policeman is to keep order. He sees that people obey the law. He finds out crimes and arrests criminals to protect the life and property of the citizens. The policeman has other duties also. In towns he controls the traffic in the street. According to his direction carriages, motor cars, etc. must stop or go. Thus accidents are prevented. When any man inquires of him about the location of a street, he gives him proper direction to go there. His duty is a very responsible one. He has, indeed, a hard job. He has to keep standing on the street for hours together in the sun and in rain. At night he guards the lonely streets. Thieves, dacoits and wicked people are afraid of him. They know that the policeman has got great power. If they do any harm to any one of the policemen, all the police force will fall upon them. Thus a few unarmed policemen can control a big crowd.



The policeman should be honest. He must not abuse his powers and oppress the innocent people. If he does his duties properly and faithfully, he is a friend of the public.

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