Essay on the relation between police and students

First and foremost among the blessings of civilization are order and safety. In disputes between man-and-man, right has taken the place of might. It is difficult to realize how much this safety means. Without safety higher activities of mankind which make up civilization, could not go on. The inventor cannot invent, the scientist cannot find out or the artist make beautiful things. Hence order and safety, although they are not themselves civilization are things without which civilization as the air, we breathe.

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he order and safety in the society is established by the police. The primary duty of the police is to maintain law and order in the country. The policeman uses force and strictness to control the persons who violate the laws and break peace, thus take the law in their hands. We cannot imagine the society without the police. It is police who protect the weaker persons, or else the law of the jungle will prevail again. The police represents the might of the society to save and safeguard the poor. We enjoy our rights and earn our living under the protection of the police. But at the same time the basic principle that police is for the service of the public should not be neglected by the police The police controls the indiscipline students too.

Student indiscipline is a problem that confronts the entire country on a very large scale now. One can notice indiscipline, lawlessness, rowdyism, absenteeism among students in various institutions and universities. Every­body in the country including political leaders, educationists, parents of students and social reformers are concerned over this evil.


Indiscipline prevails among students in various forms. Students are often found absenting themselves wholesale from classes, taking out processions and raising slogans, sometimes smashing the windows of colleges and way laying their teachers. They organize meetings and go on strikes. They make speeches and incite fellow students to lawlessness. Strikes and absence from examination halls are also matters of common occurrence.

It is these unlawful activities of the students that are controlled by the police. When they go on strike, the police is at once availed to deal with them. They are rounded up. Sometimes they are taken into custody, put into the police vans and taken out far off from the city and left there. During demonstrations the students take law into their hands, they loot shops, burn them and damage public property. All this time the police follows the students and keeps them under control.

During the examinations the students indulge in mass copying and it is beyond the capacity of the professors to set them right. The police helps conduct the examinations smoothly and peacefully. Students do not dare boycott the examinations for fear of the police.

The Police renders valuable assistance during elections. The S. P.O., S.P. and Inspectors and a large number of constables guard the elections. So it is the enormous duty of the police to check illegal activities of the students. For this they have to use force as lathi charging, throwing tear gas shells and opening fire. The students also resort to stone throwing, hand grenades and sometime tear gas shells. The police men are often wounded in discharging their duties. So the police and students relations are tense. They are hostile to one-another. It is not unusual to find students grappling with the police. But during normal time we can see good relations between the students and the police too. The police should be honest and deal with the student leaders with an iron hand.

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