Essay on the Role of Educational Technology in Modern Educational Practices

Educational Technology is bound to improve the teachers considerably. In the absence of working knowledge of this growing discipline, the teacher will find himself lagging far behind in the modern system of teaching-learning.

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In fact, the teacher with his up to date knowledge of educational technology can work wonders in the discharge of his duties.

Utility of the subject of Educational Technology for the teachers is briefly explained below:


1. Knowledge of technological advancements in the field of education is needed awfully by all the teachers. Only then they can come up to the expectations of all concerned. It is educational technology which provides clear cut information and knowledge to the teachers.

2. The teachers become more efficient academically, professionally and technologically.

3. The teachers are able to learn how to prepare Modules, Programmed Learning Materials etc. That way, they are able to contribute handsomely to the field of education.

4. In the discharge of class-room duties, the teachers are able to handle their techniques more confidently.


5. Some teachers develop more interest in software. They are able to create materials for their students. Thus, the teachers learn how to make maximum use of the hardware aids.

Educational Technology Today and Tomorrow

Impact of educational technology for over all development in different fields of life has been realized. The Green Revolution in agriculture; Hydro-electric projects in irrigation; production of heavy machinery and tools in industry and electronics are the result of technological advancement.

Our technocrats and other experts are able to go abroad showing their far advancing excellences. This is one of the pictures, on the other side of the picture we have poverty, illiteracy, and rapid increase of population growth which continues posing challenges to everyone.


To promote the use of mass media and instructional technology, the Government of India launched an educational technology project in 1972-73. The project was implemented with the collaboration of the United Nations Development Programme (U.N.D.P.)

The Educational Technology Centre was set-up in NCERT and its units were set-up in some states. The chief purpose was to improve education by the proper use of educational technology.

National Policy on Education (1986), has stressed the important role of Educational Technology in the following ways:

(a) Establishment of National Open University,

(b) Establishment of Navodaya Schools in some areas to train rural talents,

(c) Unviersalisation of Primary Education through non-formal systems,

(d) Developing effective systems of lifelong education encompassing agriculture, health, literacy and other forms of adult learning needs, and

(e) More effective use of educational technology in the qualitative improvement of education in existing school systems and universities.

Now technology is used in education in almost every country of the world. Today it has become the pillars of education giving support and lending guidance and direction to it. It has simplified the process of education, made the process of teaching-learning easy and economical.

Application of hardware’s and software’s systems approach etc., have revolutionised education and training in the world.

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