Essay on the school lunch break

The recess period is the most welcome period in the School time table. It provides great relief to the students who feel tired after the continuous study for four or five periods.

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As recess the bell rings, the students rush out of their classes. Some go to the school canteen while others go out with their lunch packets to enjoy it at a secluded place. The school canteen attracts many students. They virtually gherao the shop assistants and clamour for what they are in need of. The teachers too go to the shop but in their vacant periods. During the recess they sit in the common room and crack a joke or two with their colleagues. Some teachers devote the recess period to correcting the exercise-books of their pupils.

The students are not allowed to leave the school premises but a few do jump over the wall and virtually surround the vendors standing outside the school. They buy eatables of then- choice against the strict orders of the Principal.


Some students enjoy themselves by playing games in the open grounds attached to the -school or read magazines and news-paper in the reading room or surround the librarian for the books they want. Others sit in the class to complete then-home task in order to escape punishment.

It is at this time that there is a deafening noise in the school. Students are in a hilarious mood and run from one place to the other. There is brisk activity everywhere. Some play with the pebbles lying scattered about. Some have badminton rackets and shuttle cocks and enjoy a game or two.

The recess period is very short. The time passes away soon. The bell rings again and all rush back to their classes. Some senior students, however, take a minute or two before they enter their classrooms. They seem to be imprudent type who are not afraid of the teachers. As soon as the recess is over, there is silence again.

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