Essay on the Season I like the Best – Winter


In India we have six different seasons. These are summer, rainy season, autumn, late autumn or early winter, winter and spring. But generally we speak of four seasons—summer, rainy season, winter and spring.


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Different seasons


Each season has some special features. In summer the days and nights are very hot. In the rainy season we get abundant rainfall. In autumn, the rain disappears and the sky looks blue. In late autumn or Hemanta, we get neither too much heat nor too much cold. The winter is the season of cold. Lastly, in spring the bitter cold of winter disappears and the warmth of summer begins. In summer we get varieties of fruit, vegetables and flowers. In the rainy season important crops like paddy and jute are grown. In autumn paddy becomes ripe. In late autumn rice is harvested. In winter we get different kinds of fish, vegetables and fruits in plenty. Spring is the season of flowers. It is called the king of seasons for its climate and flowers. In the 10th chapter of the Geeta Lord Krishna says that He is the best of everything Among seasons. He is Spring—the season of flowers.

The season I like best and its reasons

To me winter is the best of all seasons. There are various reasons for it. In winter we get varieties offish, vegetables and fruits in plenty. These are comparatively cheap in this season. We can work hard in this season. Our body does not sweat. We are not easily tired. We can digest out food better in this season. A warm bed at night in winter gives us great comfort. We put on warm clothes and feel comfortable when we go out. In many parts of India, winter is a dry season. We can move about freely. There is no fear of being caught in the rain. The roads are dry. It is convenient to walk along the dry roads. The sunshine is very pleasant in the morning and afternoon in this season. We find this season the most convenient time for holding picnics in the open air. We prefer holiday excursions in this season. We can play many outdoor games in this season. The rain cannot mar our pleasure. Lastly, epidemic diseases do not break out in a serious form in this season if it is very cold.



Other seasons have their usefulness. But I think that winter gives us greater comfort and pleasure. So I like it best.

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