Essay on The Street Dog.


Street-dogs are not pet-dogs. The pet dog has a master or owner who loves it, feeds it and takes care of it. But a street-dog has no master or owner and so it has none to feed it or to take care of it.

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A pet dog lives in its master’s house. But a street-dog has no access to anybody’s lodge. A pet dog sleeps its master’s lodge. But the street dogs, on their own accord, guard the whole village or hamlet or any settlement at night.



At the age of six months, a she-dog (bitch) attains puberty. After its union with a male dog, it conceives and carries for three months. Then it gives birth to three of four pups at a time, somewhere under a road-side cabin or under a half-broken abandoned shed or on the backyard or sideyard of somebody’s house. The mother-dog is to take care of its pups. But she cannot take proper care of them as she moves out to search for her own food which it rarely gets. The pups are born blind and, after some days, their eyes get opened, and they become able to see. After they get a little strength, they walk here and there in search of food which they get with much difficulty.


Gradually a pup grows and becomes a puppy. While moving on or near the streets most of the puppies are destroyed under the running wheels of motor-cars, motor-trucks and service-buses. Sometimes, motor-cycles and bi-cycles knock them down and puppies. Many also die of hunger for want of food and the rest live in a very wretched condition carrying their hunger-worn lean and thin bodies.


The grown-up ones:

Those puppies, some bow, manage live to be grown-up dogs are not free from termination by human hands that throw stones at them and make them lame on drive them to death. Owing to such termination, the dogs go mad and become terrible. These mad dogs run to bite a man or women and after biting some-one they leave their life. Later, the bitten man gets a disease called rabies, howls like a dog and dies. In the street dogs by injecting poison into their bodies or in absence of poison, by beating them mercilessly, a notoriously barbarous act.


The street-dogs are not, altogether, worthless animals. A street-dog, properly taken care of, can be very useful in all possible ways. People who know this carefully tame the street-dogs. People of kindness show kindness to all of them. In India, there is a society known as ‘Kindness to Animals Society, This society has taken special note of the human cruelty to the street-dogs. In order to stop this cruel killing of street-dogs, this society has proposed to minimize the number of them by checking their birth in the harmless scientific way.


The street-dogs, too, are a beautiful creation of the Almighty God. Hence they should be shown kindness, and should be taken care of by the mankind.

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