Essay on the Teacher I like most


In every school there are some teachers who are liked by students whereas there are other teachers who are not popular. There must be some reasons for this difference. There are some teachers who are naturally jolly and can mix with the students freely but not at the sacrifice of their personality. They have some good qualities in them which draw the students to them. They exercise of good influence upon the students. Again there are teachers who are naturally grave. They cannot mix freely with the students. So they are not liked by students though they may have noble qualities in them.

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My ideal teacher My ideal teacher or the teacher whom I like best is Shri Barun Mukherjee. He is a very experienced teacher. He can teach his subject well. His manners are amiable. He has always a smiling face. He greets the students when he enters the class. He says there is divinity in all. We bow down to this divinity in a man. The students all greet him with respect in return. He has great love for all the students – even the naughty ones. His amiable nature has won over even the most unruly boys in the class. He explains everything so lucidly that even the uninteresting subject like English grammar proves to be interesting. We all admit that we are much benefited by his teaching. We hope we shall not fail in English in our final examination.


Why he is my ideal Already I have said that Barun Babu can teach his subject very well. We cannot but admire his mode of teaching. I have also said that he has an amiable nature and a smiling face which naturally draw us to him. He is a very simple man. His dress is simple but neat and clean. There is a firmness in his character. He has dedicated his life to the cause of teaching. He is unmarried. He does not care so much for money. His wants are few. He always thinks of the welfare of his students. He does his best to improve the character of his students. Besides teaching us the regular lessons he often talks of subjects that ennoble our character, and infuse our mind with feeling of patriotism. He says that the writings of Swami Vivekananda have greatly influenced his life; so he is always ready to do service to humanity. He thinks that service to man is service to God. He tries to imbibe this feeling in us. Really a noble teacher like Barun Babu is rare in our society.

He is eager for the all-round improvement of his students. So he is much interested in the extra-curricular activities of the school. He is an athlete. He plays with us. He is a good speaker. He tries his best so that we may develop in us the power of speaking in a meeting. He takes great interest in the social functions that are held in the school. The Headmaster has a great liking for him. So he puts him in charge of organizing annual excursions and outing which are an essential feature of our school.


It is for these reasons that Barun Babu is my ideal teacher. He is held in great respect not only by me but also by all students of the school.

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