Essay on the uses of Atomic Energy

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We have now entered in the age of atomic energy. On August 6, 1945, two atom bombs completely destroyed the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The atomic power let loose by these bombs established that this power could be used for peaceful purposes also, i.e. for driving steamship, railways, aeroplanes, automobiles and most of other machines. Scientists, therefore, started on their quest for using this power for peaceful purposes and not for war.

The day is not far when atomic energy will replace thermal power in industry because the stocks of coal and petroleum are fast running low and cannot keep pace with the development of industry and man will have to depend on some other source of energy. This is atomic energy which can be used for running all the industries in the years to come.

Indeed it is wonderful to think of the benefits that atomic energy will confer on mankind. Our aeroplanes, our railways, our motor cars in the time to come will use atomic energy. Even our space ships will be propelled by this atomic energy and will make travelling between the planets easier.


This is not all. Atomic energy will prove useful in agriculture, transport, medicine, etc. In fact atomic energy will bring about a revolution in the world and greatly raise the standard of living of mankind. India, too, is installing these atomic reactors and the time is not far when atomic energy will practically replace all other Sources of power for running our machines. The method of producing atomic energy has been mastered and our government is going to install a number of reactors for producing atomic energy.

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