Essay on the Value of Sports

‘Olympic sports’ are held at different places in the world. In the recent Olympics India cut a sorry figure in all the games and sports. The root cause of this poor performance is apathy towards sports. There is no provision for games and sports in the present educational set up.

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Sports are the option of girls and boys. They may take part in them or not. Students, both boys and girls, should be encouraged to lake part in sports in our schools and colleges. It is said that sportsmen of national fame do not get financial help or good coaching to outshine others.

The value of sports cannot be ignored in the field of education. Physical development is possible only if we take part in sports. The proverb ‘A sound mind in a sound body’ is possible only when sports are patronized.


Sports refresh us. Team spirit, leadership and development of character are possible through active participation in sport. Sportsmen learn self-discipline and spirit of cooperation. A sportsman becomes broad minded and can readily mix up with foreigners. It is certain that a nation cannot be strong without stress on games and sports.

Sports should be made compulsory at all levels—primary school stage, middle school stage, secondary school stage, college as well as at university stage. Sports should be encouraged for building up sound health and good physique.

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