Essay on Unity


We need strength to successfully live on this earth. There are various means to be powerful. Unity is one of them. So, it is said that unity is strength.

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Sometimes we are not strong enough to fight our deadly enemies. But if we be united our combined effort will knock them down. There is a saying, ‘United we stand, divided we fall’. The straw pieces twisted together can bind an elephant. We can break individual sticks easily. But we cannot break all the sticks bound together. Such a poor binding is really full of advantages for us. So, we should realize the value of unity. This spirit of unity is now-a-days manifested in different forms. We find trade union congress. We find teachers federation. We find Mill Owner’s Association. We find N.A.T.O and S.E.A.T.O These are all the different expression of unity. Hence, unity is strong and powerful by our united effort we can easily achieve what we separately cannot.


But unity has certain vices. Unity should be made and maintained for good purpose and for Defence against oppression and injustice. Unity for making mischief, for thieving or robbery or for smuggling, hoarding and profiteering is really bad. This may be called the miscarriage of unity.



However, our country India needs unity in different fields for development works. We want unity among blacksmiths, among braziers, among weavers and among all classes of artisans. The co-operative societies, the co-operative farming. The guilds, the unions, the associations, all have behind them the basic principle of unity. India is a country of multifarious languages, religious communities and sects. Sinking down all difference, these groups should try to be integrated into one united whole so that the Indians will achieve strong unity.

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