Essay on Visual Pollution – Sources and Control of Visual Pollution

Visual pollution refers to unattractive visual elements of a vista, a landscape or any other part of the environment that need to be clear and set apart from the rest of the environment because of their function. Billboards, litter, overhead, power lines, utility poles, contrails, skywriting, buildings, signs, weeds and advertisements are some of the examples of visual pollutants.

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Traffic signs and signals need to be clearly set against the rest of the visual environment so that they can be read by drivers and other road users.

Sources of visual pollution


Visual pollution can be caused by large number factors including buildings, business signs, street signs, telephone and utility poles and litter.

Control of visual pollution

The lack of environmental awareness amongst the citizenry contributes to the adverse impact caused by visual pollutants like plastic bags, litter etc.; they throw away used foam boxes everywhere, unaware of the affect on their environment.

Using substitutes such as paper or degradable plastic materials can eliminate visual pollution to some extent. The best solution is the collection and recycling of waste material.


This will require awareness among people at different levels. This is both economically and administratively beneficial.

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